Agribusiness excellence starts with asking the right questions

Here’s a selection of great questions our clients have asked us in the past.

1. What kind of budget do we need in order to benefit from AbacusBio consulting?

While the scope of your project will be tailored to your budget, it’s sensible to reserve at least US$ 10,000 to make sure you see tangible results.

2. Many consultancies in the agribusiness world were started by unsuccessful ag executives or academics with zero practical experience. How do I know I can trust you?

You’ll benefit from a wide range of experience at AbacusBio. Many of our consultants grew up on family farms or held leadership positions in successful agribusinesses before joining us. We love spending time on site, whether it’s your board room or your boar sty. And our farm consultants in New Zealand work on the ground with local farmers every day.

3. Will we be working with one of your consultants or with the entire team?

Typically, you’ll have an expert consultant with relevant experience in your domain guiding you through the project. Depending on the activities you’ve planned with us, other team members will support you, too.

Which means you can enjoy the reliability and depth that comes with having access to a team of dozens of specialists while building trusting relationships with a committed partner.

4. How do I know if my challenge is a good fit for your agribusiness consultancy?

We’ve helped agricultural industry organizations assess the impact of their technology adoption. 

And applied environmental genetics as part of a working group looking to improve the sustainability of the dairy sector. 

We’ve also supported ag businesses in developing successful new products based on data science.

Working with us, you’ll have access to our broad range of skills and expertise in areas such as:

Genetic diversity strategies

Mating allocations + crossing plans

Process + strategy + animal/plant evaluation

Horizon scans

Machine learning + AI

Feasibility studies + impact assessments

Tools + frameworks + recommendations

Training + information material

If you’ve ever looked at your agribusiness data and wondered how you can use it, or you’re curious to experience first-hand how science and technology can help you produce more nutritious, healthy food, it’s definitely worth getting in touch.

5. I have a different question. How can I contact you?

Book your free 30-minute introduction meeting and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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