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Jason Archer PhD

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Jason Archer PhD

Jason is a strategically creative thinker. He has a knack for looking at the bigger picture beyond the essence of an issue or problem and thinking outside the square for simple practical solutions. His strength lies in translating science into better outcomes and opportunities for clients. You will find that he is an empathetic listener who thrives on being transparent with his clients.

Jason has led several significant projects around the world delivering value and impact across industries. He also holds senior roles in management and governance and makes it a requisite to interact with customers in a collaborative manner.

Jason’s career highlights include:

  • Creating indexes for North American beef breeds
  • Creating the DeerSelect national genetic evaluation for the NZ deer industry
  • Contributing towards the development of tools and standards to select beef cattle for feed efficiency
  • Undertaking strategic reviews for international clients (Northern Ireland, UK, Canada)
Projects involved in: