Sharl has been consulting internationally in agriculture, genetics, commercialisation and food for the past four years at AbacusBio. Prior to that he was heavily invested in New Zealand’s agricultural industry, supporting the endeavours of seedstock breeders as they modernised their breeding programs with genomic DNA technology, performance recording devices and decision support Software as a Service (SaaS).

Sharl sees food security as a significant issue as nations grapple with demographics that are changing quickly. His technical knowledge and deep professionalism sees him working hard internationally to ensure that strategic endeavours are met.

Sharl is an excellent team player. He enjoys working with diverse groups and cultures including farmers, breeding companies, and governments around the world. His strength lies in enabling the benefits of on-farm technology for better outcomes and sustainability.

Sharl’s skillsets include:

  • Breeding program review and strategy for sheep and beef breeders
  • Breeding technology design and integration; software, hardware, cloud platforms, devices
  • Market research; surveying of farmers; choice and preferences
  • Farmer extension and demonstration
  • Alternative proteins, both plant based and cultured meat
Projects involved in:
  • Lamb Supply Chain, Southern Russia
  • Sheep and Goat industry assessment, Middle East
  • Ani-Mate, mate allocation for breeding programs
  • Multiple breeding programs (sheep, beef and goat) in New Zealand and Australia
  • Genomics integration
  • Red Meat Profit Partnership, New Zealand