Sharl is a consultant which means that you need something done but don’t have the time, and Sharl has plenty of time and need something to do!
Most of his time is spent working on things in the agricultural space but he has been included in a variety of subject matter and projects. Sharl has worked a lot in New Zealand’s sheep and beef sectors, and increasingly spend his time working internationally helping with genetics and supply chain orientated projects.

A project that Sharl has thoroughly enjoyed is working with NZ Cashmere GP. Not only are goats incredibly versatile animals, but Cashmere fibre offers a lot of opportunity for New Zealand farmers to diversify their businesses. Sharl is looking forward to helping farmers understand what goats are actually about.

Sharl is customer obsessed. He will bend over backwards to meet the needs of a project. He will utilize all the resources around him to create the best solution possible. Sharl is incredibly loyal and honest. He faces up to big issues and do not shy away from courageous conversations. He finishes on time, to spec. and budget. Sharl loves seeing the toils of his work applied in the real world, making a difference.

After all the hard work comes time to play. Long walks on the beach, real time with his wonderful wife and virtual time with his fantastic kids who he is incredibly proud of. Lastly, but not least, the Dog. If it wasn’t for him Sharl wouldn’t be smelling the roses.

“Working with colleagues at AbacusBio is what gets me up in the morning. I’m incredibly lucky to be part of a dedicated, fun loving team. They love my jokes and they are always commenting on my incredibly well tuned sense of fashion… and if you believe that, then video conferencing is working very, very well!” 

Projects involved in:
  • Lamb Supply Chain, Southern Russia
  • Sheep and Goat industry assessment, Middle East
  • Ani-Mate, mate allocation for breeding programs
  • Multiple breeding programs (sheep, beef and goat) in New Zealand and Australia
  • Genomics integration
  • Red Meat Profit Partnership, New Zealand