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Value Chain Consulting

“What IS the impact of our business decisions?”

Better strategy means better results. With AbacusBio, you get access to strategic insights across every step of the value chain.

From seeds, breeds, and processing all the way into people’s homes.

Improve the sustainability of your sector with environmental genetics

Develop successful new processes and products based on data science

Increase feed efficiency

Strengthen food and fiber security in the face of droughts, flooding, and soil degradation

Make better decisions
Genetic Improvement Programs

“Which genetic traits will REALLY make a difference?”

The days of breeding for beauty and traditional standards are over. Because the performance of crops and livestock means so much more now. You want to help feed the world, reduce emissions, and offer the produce people are asking for.

Achieve higher, reliable yields with more efficient resource use

Decrease the methane or nitrogen emissions of your agribusiness – or even the entire industry

Improve animal health and welfare

Depend less on pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer

Run a more profitable business by aligning with consumer and market requirements

Breed better
Make better decisions
Breed better