You thrive on agribusiness innovation. We thrive on making it happen.

Do right by people, look after the environment, and create good business outcomes — with our expertise in genetics, economics, and farming.


“No scientific ivory tower dropping
pearls of wisdom from up high”

Chances are you’re looking for robust solutions that improve your sustainability and profitability. 

But here’s the thing: 

Very few people understand farming well. 

Even fewer understand what it’s like to support farmers — whether through training, improving seeds and breeds, or rolling out new selection indices. 

Farmers and growers tell us that the world of agribusiness and agritech is full of consultants who have never worked on a farm. In the science journals, published results either feel like common sense to them, or they are so abstract the information never makes a real-world impact.

That’s where we want to make a difference.

Megan McCall and Jonathon Kennett reading electronic IDs on ewes involved in a breeding program in NZ

Because the key to 21st-century food and fiber security lies in science, technology, and economic insights

So in 2001, a group of experts in genetics, data science, economics, and digital tech founded AbacusBio. Since then, we’ve gotten our hands dirty every day. Whether it’s helping farmers modernize their operations, creating selection indices for agricultural boards, or supporting commercial agribusinesses around the world as they implement cutting-edge science, technology, and strategy.

Our consultants have experience in dozens of projects spanning decades and continents. And now, all that experience is at your fingertips.

In the last 10 years, we’ve taken our expertise in animal genetics + breeding and applied it to plant breeding programs. Because better plants are vital to solving the food security and environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Peter Amer
Peter Fennessy
Fiona Hely
Bruno Santos
Leticia Lara
Shalini Kumar

The same DNA since 2001

Impact through implementation

“We greatly appreciate the practical knowledge and application that AbacusBio brings to our projects. The team helps ensure rapid implementation at farm and industry levels.”

Andrew Cromie 
Geneticist, Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF)


“Utilizing AbacusBio’s expertise in prioritization and valuation of breeding attributes, AbacusBio and Bayer are collaborating to accelerate Bayer’s Global Crop Breeding program. ”

Dr Mike Graham
Head of Plant Breeding, Bayer Crop Science


“AbacusBio are really good at grasping what it is we’re trying to do. And they take the initiative on day-to-day work, for example by proposing meeting agendas, which is really helpful.”

Kim Matthews
Head of Animal Breeding + Product Quality, AHDB


Your expert partner for genetic improvement and strategy + value chain consulting

Your organization is unlike any other. But your most pressing challenges are familiar to us:

Commercially-viable impact projects

You’re improving farming outcomes in the Global South: empowering women to feed their families by professionalizing their smallholder practices, or adapting crops, livestock, and ag practices to the effects of climate change. 

You deserve more than just grant funding to keep you going. We’ll help you develop operations that pay for themselves.

Our consulting and genetic improvement toolkits include methodology such as:

Business case creation + commercial partner proposals

Strategy + legal entity recommendations

Feasibility studies + impact assessments

Industry + competitor analysis

Economic analysis

Dr Tim Byrne and Dr Bruno Santos working on the NextGen Cassava Breeding Project with Cornell University and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)

Environmentally-sound food + fiber security

Your goal is to feed, house, and dress a growing world population despite climate change. 

As experts in agriculture, aquaculture, forestry + horticulture, we can support you with tools like such as:

Systems modeling

Genetic diversity strategies

Mating allocations + crossing plans

Custom decision enabling tools + structures

Information materials + training

Horizon scans + forecasts

Strategy recommendations

Breeding program recommendations

Dr Tim Byrne working on a sweet potato trait prioritization project in Uganda, with The International Potato Center (CIP)

In-demand, efficient, profitable operations

You want a lean organization that will stand the test of time. One that’s able to anticipate changing consumer demand. And supply the produce people want at realistic prices.

We’ve got the tools and experience to help you increase operational efficiency and profitability without cutting corners:

Surveying consumers, farmers, and growers

Impact assessments of investments, technologies, practices, or outside factors

Machine learning + AI

Data analysis

Dr Bruno Santos working on a rice trait prioritization project in Tanzania, with partners from the International Rice Research Institute, the Tanzanian Agricultural Research Institute, and CGIAR Excellence in Breeding (EiB)

Animal welfare matters to us. That’s why we’ve signed the ANZCCART (Australia and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching) Openness Agreement and joined EFFAB, the European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders.

Increase the value of your harvests. Reduce your environmental impact.

Breed the crops and livestock
the world needs.

“How can my organization profit from
applying the latest science + technology?”

Tim Byrne

“What I care about most in my work is creating sustainable impact. Bringing together profitability, environmental, and social benefits ensures that whatever we do at AbacusBio is fit for the future.

Adding true value in the world we live in today only works when we consider the health and wellbeing of people and planet.”

Tim Byrne PhD
Managing Director, AbacusBio International

Wherever you are,
we meet you right there

Whether on video calls or at conferences around the world: our ideas travel fast. And with team members in New Zealand, the UK, and North America, we’re rooted in remote and hybrid ways of working.




















New Zealand


Papua New Guinea





Saudi Arabia






United Arab Emirates

United States



Map of AbacusBio projects

Let’s create the ideal climate for animals, plants, and people to thrive

The primary industries face a massive task.

You want to grow your business. You need to generate more food for a ballooning global population. All while making your produce healthier and more sustainable, too. 

AbacusBio is an international leader in genetic improvement programs and strategy + value chain consulting for agriculture, aquaculture, forestry + horticulture. Since day one, world renowned experts Peter Amer and Peter Fennessy have shaped our approach — and attracted top talent from around the world.

The result: an impartial, international partner who couldn’t care less about writing boring reports. 

We’d rather get out there and do the work.

Because we couldn’t care more about your success.

Dr Caeli Richardson on farm in Canada checking in on the newest additions to the dairy herd

Dr Caeli Richardson on farm in Canada checking in on the newest additions to the dairy herd

You’re in great company

We’ve helped agricultural industry organizations evaluate new plant varieties to improve food security. 

Run experiments in environmental genetics to help the dairy sector conform to environmental standards. 

And developed new selection indices for ag businesses as well as breeding organizations.

If you’ve ever wondered how to use computation to optimize your economic performance…

If your breeding objectives are ineffective or outdated and you’re faced with having to prioritize new traits…

If you’re curious to experience first-hand how science and technology can help you produce more nutritious, healthy food…

… then we’d love to invite you to a free 30-minute introduction meeting and take the first steps to overcoming your challenge

Based on your time zone, you’ll get to speak with a team member who’s got a great overview of your industry.

They’ll answer your questions and find out everything they need to know to put you in touch with the specialist who’s the best fit for you.

So you can clarify the scope of a potential project with the right expert. And make sure your time and budget are well spent.

Dr Peter Amer speaking about the benefits of nurturing young scientists to become genetics professionals at World Congress for Genetics Applied in Livestock Production (WCGALP) 2022

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