Peter is constantly curious, which may explain why he loves science so much. He loves digging into a problem and whilst he is technically very capable, he also looks at the world with a glint in his entrepreneur’s eye. Peter is a champion of science being practical and understanding the science and the commercial landscape where the science is going to be applied, makes practical commercial sense too. In the real world, this means Peter isn’t afraid to try things and combining his scientific competence with his entrepreneurial spirit is a very sound approach to mitigating risk.

Peter has a strong strategic bent, which he applies to areas like agri-business investment and intellectual property advisory. He also applies his expertise to the valuation of new technologies and he is a specialist in the commercialisation of agri-business ventures and bio-technology concepts. Peter is also notably, a founder of the company, and previously, a Managing Director of AbacusBio.

Key Projects:

  • QT Agribusiness Symposium
  • Brunei Agri-Biotech Strategy
  • Genetic Evaluation of Irish Sheep Flock
  • ‘Zapping’ food to spark ROI?
  • FutureBees New Zealand

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