How do our selection indexes work?
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One of the primary tasks of any breeding program is to advance candidates based on the breeder’s best estimate of genetic merit. The method employed in ranking candidates is key in determining the commercial success of those candidates. Does your selection strategy respond directly to complex market dynamics and the needs of stakeholders?

IndexSim provides a simplified, but interactive view of how an AbacusBio selection index could change the way your breeding program thinks about genetic gain. 


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What do you work with primarily?


An AbacusBio selection index requires clearly articulated breeding goals and trait definitions, a high-throughput pipeline for estimating breeding values in all traits of interest, and robust datasets covering trait economics and biotic/abiotic risk factors.

Real AbacusBio economic values are produced through carefully constructed models which consider the real-world economics in addition to the unique breeding goals of the individual research programme. These economic values can be tested against the opinions of farmers or other important stakeholder groups through surveys. Stakeholder adjustment factors are produced to adjust the purely economic model by considering quantitative deviations in stakeholder opinion from expectations.

Yes. Although the version of IndexSim that is hosted on our website is restricted to only use a selection of simulated datasets, it is possible to simulate an index in your own breeding population. Contact AbacusBio to discuss how we can help facilitate this. 

Check out our trait prioritisation readiness programme. This gets you index-ready and ensures an efficient use of resources. Contact us about trait prioritisation readiness programme.


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