Paul Petrowski BS, MA

Paul Petrowski is a scientific programmer and data scientist based in Saint Louis, Missouri. Paul specializes in developing code to build solutions for problems in genomics and has worked across a variety of spaces in genomics and breeding, including automated phenotyping, gene edit validation, and genomic selection. Within Abacus he is focused on delivering working …

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Kendra Armstrong PhD

Kendra joined AbacusBio in 2021 and is based at our fourth office, in North America, where she will be working alongside John Crowley. At AbacusBio, Kendra brings to us her pragmatic and down-to-earth approach to projects that she learnt working on her family farm.  She is fascinated with improving processes and utilizing the tools at hand …

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John Crowey

John Crowley PhD

John is well known for being easy-going and reliable. Growing up on a beef and dairy farm in Ireland and eventually gaining a PhD in statistical genetics, he possesses a good mix of technical and practical experience. John joined AbacusBio in 2018, and is excited about developing applied genetic and technical solutions for clients. His …

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