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Our December issue of the Breeder newsletter is out20211215202800
Time to embrace our failures20211209212127
Amer ‘starting again’ as AbacusBio director20211118013849
Redone foods not so satisfying20211114220500
Our challenges are global, not just a NZ govt. problem20211112221800
Better to acknowledge world-class skills20211110011600
Understanding needed between warring generations20211027011500
AbacusBio, Bayer deal nominated for award20211021034500
AbacusBio and Bayer expand collaboration to additional crops and geographies20211019223815
The evolution of No 8 wire innovation20211013012000
Leadership is needed as sheep and beef farming face fight20210929012200
Our September issue of the Breeder newsletter is out20210915220213
Reflecting on how we make decisions20210915215955
Examine the whole supply chain20210901222248
All manner of good happens among community from sport20210825225112
Failure terrifying but not trying at all even more so20210806085415
Full of pride for mother in ute with dogs20210720215530
Differentiating NZ’s meat in flexitarian market worthwhile20210713000921
Alternatives to fossil-fuelled plastic big opportunity20210624002005
Breast milk manufacturing in lab a shock20210608235224
Traditional governance inertia constrains nimble leadership20210526205156
Our May issue of the Breeder newsletter is out20210519003234
Global food demand on fraught path20210512210020
Time for questioning useful Goliath20210427210020
No reason for us to fear alternative proteins20210414221712
MD’s column: Time to fight the attack on young women’s image20210331012400
MD’s column: Theory of dogs matching their owners fine, but has its limits20210327102946
MD’s column: Streamline data capture to avoid creating ‘audit fatigue’20210305060021
The Country Podcast: Anna Campbell on regenerative agriculture20210222214908
MD’s column: Regenerative farming fight sad20210217195503
MD’s column: Pandemic disruption highlights challenges looming for farming20210208205141
Programme to take beef into future20210114201421
Our December issue of the Breeder newsletter is out20201217210612
Kudos for landmark fertility research20201215204319
MD’s column: Time of no holds baa-ed fun rolls round20201209072123
MD’s column: My challenge to you20201206205619
MD’s column: Not just a buzzword, paradigm shift can deliver innovation20201125210429
Market Report on Ireland: Opportunities for New Zealand agri-business20201118195952
MD’s column: Hypocrisy, hidden costs can lurk in carbon neutral goals20201113020502
Anna Campbell joins NZC board20201111205157
Medicinal cannabis industry still full of misinformed perception, over-regulation20201110195200
Data is growing in importance20201104081300
MD’s column: As we walk the tightrope of integrity, our actions matter20201028021912
Unique approach to updating breeding programme20201020022100
MD’s column: Consumers’ food choices drive food innovation20201014081618
Peter Amer to speak at Otago Field Days20201006223307
Our September issue of the Breeder newsletter is out20200929204926
Vaccination against salmonella urged20200920220434
MD’s column: Wool offers a solution to our plastic problem20200916205819
Check out our new Dtreo video!20200909213601
AbacusBio is extremely excited to announce our collaboration with Bayer20200902225949
MD’s column: We must learn to protect our products20200902041820
British and Kiwi farmers have lessons for each other20200901005700
MD’s column: It is time to diversify our diets and food systems20200820002940
MD’s column: A new life for Mendel’s peas thanks to plant protein market20200806033559
MD’s column: Acclimatising crucial for plants and people20200723034200
MD’s column: Increased diversity in leadership drives innovation and agility20200713153015
Scientist excited about sheep and beef future20200710153030
Kiwi scientists devise new model for crop breeding20200708213823
AbacusBio’s new partner confident about future of agriculture20200626110332
MD’s column: Parenting more about things that go wrong than successes20200625233406
MD’s column: We can adapt, and should keep doing so20200610034942
Pilot trial to identify possibility of breeding lower-methane emitting cows gets underway20200609035221
MD’s column: How much can the Govt really help small business?20200528020909
MD’s column: Pandemic’s silver lining: taking the snobbery out of science20200512215453
MD’s column: Changing patterns in food supply must be addressed20200428230359
Our April issue of the Breeder newsletter is out20200424225652
MD’s column: Pandemic brings a roller coaster of emotions20200415030833
Zoom good for our rural communities in isolation20200410225156
MD’s column: Time to reassess our entire food chains to find better ways20200403031959
Managing feed and stock during slaughter delay: Simon Glennie20200401031230
MD’s column: Previous economic shocks changed way the world trades20200318082046
We need to be strategic, India will not be China 2.020200318073429
MD’s column: Massive economy to tap into but dairy tariff high20200304081044
MD’s column: Octagon changes a ‘trial’ in more ways than one20200219080049
MD’s column: The road to market is a rocky one for food entrepreneurs20200205081719
The key to successfully calving beef heifers and getting them back in calf as a 3 year old20200114072029
Our MD Anna Campbell named 2019 ODT Business Leader of the Year!20200104073334
Growing careers through the AGMARDT-AbacusBio International Internship – featuring Luke Fisher and Emma Hinton20191222071929
Our December issue of the Breeder newsletter is out20191220073231
Watch Anna Campbell’s talk on positioning NZ as a boutique producer of deer products20191025071516
Rural Innovation Lab announces four projects20190926071311
Our August issue of the Breeder newsletter is out20190823071827
Genetics programmes can support vulnerable communities that are dependent on livestock20190821071702
AbacusBio merges with Gemnetics, sets the stage for genomics and big data in plant and animal breeding20190810075252
Comment: Climate change should not be blamed on farming alone20190627072932
Angus: Introducing the New Beef Value20190531072819
Transparency and inclusion key to AbacusBio’s success20190507072651
Our April issue of the Breeder newsletter is out20190426024627
From Aussie jackeroo to Dunedin consultant20190321070844
Dairy NZ: Trait to the TOP on cow longevity20190307070520
New research into better genetics for cow longevity20190204072546
The value of using higher yielding, higher growth rate, maternal and terminal sires20190121024457
Our December issue of the Breeder newsletter is out20181212102353
Internship at AbacusBio ‘very fortunate’ for Dunedin student20181210023629
Our October issue of the newsletter is out20181012102530
Big US beef index job for Dunedin’s AbacusBio20180820072443
Taking home new knowledge20180702014639
Our June issue of the Breeder newsletter is out20180630102100
Cheaper lab meat to put pressure on farmers by vying with mince and other red meat cuts20180504072328