Jo Kerslake

Jo Kerslake PhD


Jo Kerslake PhD

Jo is a seasoned scientist who is passionate about growing New Zealand’s position as a global leader in supplying premium, ethical and sustainable food. Her friendly and down-to-earth nature has seen her build a broad network of relationships within the agricultural industry.

Over recent years, Jo has held management and governance roles across the agribusiness and academic sectors. She thrives on being able to help you understand the opportunity or issue at hand and bringing together the right people and skills to deliver effective outcomes. You will be impressed by her deep practical and commercial understanding of how science and technology can add value across the sheep, beef and dairy sectors.

Jo’s career highlights include:

  • Sustainable farm systems (productivity, welfare and environment)
  • Farm system modelling and benchmarking (Farmax and Overseer)
  • On-farm applied research (sustainable farming fund projects)
  • Promoting and celebrating agriculture and its contribution to society
Her focus within AbacusBio is:
  • On-farm applied research
  • Improving the yield and ensuring the quality of lamb meat
  • Dairy system modelling and benchmarking
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Ewe nutrition and lamb survival
  • Promoting and celebrating agriculture and its contribution to society
Projects involved in:
  • The opportunities and challenges of dairy calves
  • Breeding for cows that excrete and leach less Nitrogen
  • Pillars of a new dairy system (cow fertility and lifetime productivity)
  • Sustainable Winter Grazing
  • The opportunities and challenges of tail docking
  • Alliance Group lamb meat quality
  • Alliance Group Hoofprint