Luna Zhang

Luna Zhang PhD

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Luna Zhang PhD

Luna specialises in building mathematically-driven models for delivering business insights.

She has a fierce passion for communicating data to different audience groups using personalised visuals and storytelling techniques.

Originally from China and having spent some time in the US, Luna prides herself on having an open and curious mind and is excited about her role in improving global agriculture. Her broad experience in genomics, genetics, statistics, machine learning, and bioinformatics will walk the talk for you.

Her career highlights are:

  • Practical application of single-step GBLUP, R and bash programming, prediction modelling, and genomic structural variation detection
  • Her weighted single-step GBLUP algorithm has been widely used by livestock industries in their genomic breeding programs
Her focus within AbacusBio is:
  • Selection index 
  • Genetic evaluation 
  • Genetic parameter estimation 
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Breeding programme design
  • Bioinformatics