AbacusBio brings AniCloud breeding software into Ethiopia & Tanzania

AbacusBio consultants are working on a project to establish Dtreo as a technology platform to support breeding programmes in Africa. The project is part of an initiative to expand the existing Community-Based Breeding Program (CBBP) for small ruminants in Africa.The CBBP project aims to improve livelihoods of small-holding sheep and goat farmers by implementing sustainable …

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Penned sheep for inspection

How do you monitor inbreeding on farm? How do you measure the genetic gain in your livestock? How do you decide which animals go into each mating group? If your current process requires multiple spreadsheets, trawling over pedigree trees, and many hours, then you are doing it the hard way! Let our skilled geneticists and …

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Hemp seed production

Not to be confused with its cousin marijuana, which contains high levels of a chemical called THC, hemp is non-psychoactive and smoking bags of it will not get you high! Until recently, producers were legally only allowed to sell hemp seed oil, most of which are produced in the Canterbury and Hawkes Bay regions. There …

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