Anna Mackenzie

Anna Mackenzie

Executive Assistant

Anna Mackenzie joined the team in October 2023 as the Executive Assistant for the Aotearoa NZ-based global management team. She came to AbacusBio from a varied background that formerly concentrated on hospitality and customer service and latterly concentrated on administration and EA roles.

In her day-to-day tasks, she helps look after all manner of operational and general things including travel, payroll, the Board, and whatever else the Management Team throw her way. A former boss once described Anna as a professional busybody because “she’s very observant and usually knows where people and things are, and where they should be”.

Some highlights from previous roles include leading the creation of the Māori Annual Report (2021 & 2022) for Otago Polytechnic, organising off-site conferences for a team of 100, implementing H&S and EAP systems and being described as “ruthlessly helpful” by a former colleague.

Anna’s focus at AbacusBio is to make people look good and feel good. A strong blue dot, she cares deeply about the people in her life and gets a kick from helping those around her do their jobs better.

Outside of work you can find Anna involved in several different hobbies including board games, reading, cooking, Formula 1, singing in the Octagon Ensemble and looking after her three cats and husband. If all of that isn’t enough, Anna has a side hustle in catering called Platterpuss Dunedin and she is also a member of the Major Incident Support Team (MIST) for Hato Hone St John, so if you see her suddenly sprint out of the office while putting on high-vis gear, that’s probably why!

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