Bruno focuses on promoting and disseminating breeding strategies to increase efficiency and sustainability in livestock and plant production. Bruno has a global understanding of the agricultural sector, combined with his expertise in development of breeding objectives, and practical application of genetic improvement principles. His approach is to deliver expertise with passion, customer centric focus and proactive collaboration.  

Bruno’s background comes from a low-middle class family in the outskirts of São Paulo city, through university life in one of the most prestigious agricultural colleges in the country, followed by years of self-employment and farming experience. His competence with English, Portuguese, Spanish, and most recently Te reo Māori, became a valuable tool to form my views of the world and to understand the importance of cultural and social aspects to reach work-life balance. 

Bruno lives in New Zealand with his family, and in his free time you will find him sailing, walking the dog around one of the multiple tracks around Ōtepoti – Dunedin, and spending time with his family. 

Bruno is widely experienced in areas such as: 

  • Breeding objectives and economic selection indexes (dairy, beef, sheep, goats, pigs, fish, corn, soybeans, rice, sweetpotato, forestry, medicinal cannabis, orchards, and other horticultural crops)  
  • Design, development, and implementation of genetic improvement programmes in multiple livestock & plant production systems  
  • Integration of multi-tier breeding programs and production systems through genomics and large-scale phenotyping strategies  
  • Implementation of data & information systems in commercial, research, and development projects across multiple regions of the globe, including Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin & North America, and Europe  
  • Bridging science & business by supporting organisations (companies, research organisations, industry-good entities) to plan and implement their science development and value chain integration initiatives. 

Some of Bruno’s clients include Bayer, University of Queensland, Otago University, Beef + Lamb NZ, DairyNZ, ICARDA, WorldFish, American Angus Association, Forest Genetics, RPBC, Timberlands, Puro, PIC, Pamu, Sino, CIP, IITA, MEWA, BOKU, many other.

Projects that Bruno is highly proud:

  • The New Zealand national breeding objectives for dairy cattle (NBO) represented by the Breeding Worth (BW) index which is largely used by farmers use to select and value their herds
  • The Community-based Breeding program (CBBP) initiative which helps smallholder farmers in various African countries and in India to gather data and make informed decisions when selecting sires to be used in their communities, impacting thousands of families. 

Projects involved in:

  • Alliance Group Lamb Meat Quality
  • Dairy National Breeding Objectives
  • Potential for New Zealand lamb in South America
  • Genetic Evaluation of Irish Sheep Flock
  • Sheep and beef breeding
  • Dairy breeding objectives
  • OviGol®
  • Ani-Mate: The easiest method to minimize inbreeding
  • Dtreo breeding software into Ethiopia and Tanzania

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