Bruno brings a global understanding of the agricultural sector to AbacusBio. His approach delivers his expertise with passion, customer centric focus and proactive collaboration. Bruno comes from Brazil and is widely experienced in the livestock production systems and environmental conditions of Latin America.

Joining AbacusBio in 2012 after ten years of running a technical advisory service in the Brazilian sheep industry, he is now helping grow the company’s international profile and client network. Bruno is focused on promoting and disseminating breeding strategies capable of producing increased productivity and efficiency in lamb, beef and dairy production.

In 2018, Bruno was awarded a PhD  from the University of New England. His thesis investigated the value of information from commercial livestock in genetic improvement programmes. He also received the Chancellor’s Doctoral Research Medal for his PhD, which recognises his project’s application and the quality of the wor

His focus within AbacusBio is:
  • Business development with an emphasis on research and implementation of technology solutions for agribusiness.
  • Development and implementation of genetic improvement programmes.
  • Sustainable farming systems and supply chain structure.
Projects involved in: