Caeli Richardson

Caeli Richardson PhD


Caeli discovered her passion for agriculture while working on a dairy farm in Canada. She broadened her practical experience on a local swine and cash crop operation before gaining a global perspective of on-farm challenges. Incorporating practical experience into her theoretical training allows Caeli to create innovative solutions to multifaceted problems. 

She brings tremendous passion and positive energy, in combination with strong communication skills and genetics knowledge to the AbacusBio team. 

Before joining AbacusBio, Caeli completed a Ph.D. in Computational Biology at La Trobe University in Australia, focusing on the development and implementation of genetic strategies to reduce methane emissions in Australian dairy cattle. This project, through a collaboration with AbacusBio, resulted in the implementation of the Sustainability Index. This is a national selection index that Australian dairy farmers can use to reduce their emissions while optimising profitability.  

In 2019, she was awarded the Australian Young Dairy Scientist of the Year for her ability to meaningfully communicate innovative scientific research to farmers.

Caeli holds a BScH (Animal Biology) and MSc (Animal Breeding and Genetics) from the University of Guelph.  

Focus within AbacusBio 

  • Greenhouse gas modelling 
  • Selection index development 
  • Genetic parameter estimation 
  • Breeding programme design 

Projects involved in 

  • Australian Dairy Sustainability Index 
  • Irish Dairy and Beef Greenhouse Gas Modelling 
  • British Texel Sheep Breeding Objective 
  • Bayer Plant Breeding