David Kenny

David Kenny PhD


David is an Animal Breeder Consultant who focuses on a variety of aspects associated with genetic improvement in livestock production. This primarily involves modelling the effects and implications of animal breeding programs. Moreover, David possesses an in-depth knowledge of genetic and genomic analyses, including variance component and breeding value estimation.

David takes pride in contributing to projects that have real effects and tangible applications on the ground, as well as for the agricultural industry and the wider public.

David possesses a strong sense of purpose driven by both a curious and practical mindset, as well as a passion for devising impactful solutions and collaboration. David believes this sense of purpose positions him within his role with AbacusBio to help clients and the industry to rise to the future opportunities and challenges that present themselves.

Outside of the office, David is a beef and sheep farmer. He also passes his spare time with his interests in sports and history.

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