Ee Cheng

Ee Cheng Ooi PhD


As a veterinarian with a genetics PhD, Ee Cheng works across a wide variety of animal projects. A typical day for her might include building genetic evaluations for health and fertility traits, modelling changes to farm systems, or working with clients to help them get value out of their data.

One of her favourite projects has been building the genetic evaluations for conception-based fertility in New Zealand dairy cows, something that uses the skills and knowledge she has acquired from a decade of improving fertility in the Australian dairy industry. The project aims to produce accurate and biologically sensible fertility evaluations that leverage the amazing data generated by New Zealand dairy farmers, with the aim of breeding cows that both get in-calf easily and enjoy healthy, productive lives.

Ee Cheng is driven by the desire to build things that are highly functional and excellent. She derives deep satisfaction from making the most of her unique background and skillset to solve problems. Finally, she really enjoys meeting new people and trying to understand their needs.

Outside of work, Ee Cheng’s leisure time typically involves cats, swing dancing, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. She also loves to travel to interesting places.

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