John Crowey

John Crowley PhD


John is well known for being easy-going and reliable. Growing up on a beef and dairy farm in Ireland and eventually gaining a PhD in statistical genetics, he possesses a good mix of technical and practical experience.

John joined AbacusBio in 2018, and is excited about developing applied genetic and technical solutions for clients. His open mind, attention to detail, and excellent communication will be an asset for your needs.

John’s career highlights include:

  • Involvement in the development of selection objectives for the American Angus Association, a population that will have a large footprint in the global beef herd
  • Leader of an applied genomics project for the Canadian agricultural industry, which resulted in widespread adoption and implementation of genomic selection
  • Impact assessment of a large genomics research program in Canada, which outlined attribution to genetic progress and direction for the future
His focus within AbacusBio is:
  • Genetic evaluations
  • Selection index development
  • Breeding programme design
  • Environmental footprint modelling
  • Data analysis and inference