John Crowey

John Crowley PhD

Managing Director AbacusBio Canada

John Crowley is the managing director of AbacusBio Canada, a subsidiary office established in 2023 in Alberta. He has a PhD in statistical genetics and over 15 years of experience in breeding and genetics, agri-business and data analytics initiatives. 

John is passionate about delivering innovative and practical solutions that enhance the genetic potential, profitability, and sustainability of food and fibre production systems. He has been involved in the development of selection objectives for the American Angus Association, the implementation of genomic selection for the Canadian agricultural industry, and the impact assessments of a large research programs, to name a few. 

Known as a reliable and effective communicator, John enjoys working with clients and colleagues to understand their needs and challenges, and to provide tailored advice, tools and support. He is always keen to keep learning, to explore new opportunities for collaboration, and for continuous improvement of the worldwide agriculture sector.

Projects involved in:

  • Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) genetics evaluations and tools
  • Genome Canada funded GHG Roadmap
  • Beef hybrid breeding program design
  • Salmon trait prioritisation
  • Crop trial evaluation (advancement) pipeline
  • ABP on-farm GHG animal modelling