Lucy Liebergreen Square Pic

Lucy Liebergreen

Operations Analyst

Lucy joined AbacusBio in the Dunedin office in 2022 as an Administrative Assistant, and she has recently started her new role as an Operations Analyst based in the Edinburgh office.

She is part of the administration team, but is mostly focused on the management of the Force (our primary business system). Within this, Lucy is responsible for systems analysis and upkeep, collecting and analysing business data, delivering analysis reports, and supporting operational changes.

Lucy graduated from Victoria University of Wellington in 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Criminology.

She loves helping to make life easier for other people! By improving the efficiency of AbacusBio’s systems and processes, she can make someone else’s day that much less complicated.

Lucy has just finished an amazing 6 months traveling through South East Asia and Europe. She enjoys spending time in nature, and is having a wonderful time exploring her new Scottish surroundings.