Megan Vasko

Megan Vasko MS

Programme Manager

Megan Vasko is a consultant at AbacusBio known for her adaptability, tenacity, and passion for digital whiteboard sessions. She’s primarily focused on programme management, namely AbacusBio’s largest collaboration to date, Bayer Crop Science. In her day to day, she takes the guesswork out of who is doing what, next. She keeps projects on track by collaborating closely with technical leads to understand the scope and budget, and finds ways to deliver projects within those given parameters.

While she considers herself sector agnostic, AbacusBio feels like a coming home. Megan studied human nutrition and did an MSc in Public Health Research. Her perspective has been shaped by a career in 3 different countries, with work experience spanning fortune 500 companies, to tech start-ups, to running her own food business for 5 years. These diverse experiences mean she adds a unique perspective to the AbacusBio team, squarely at the intersection of business and science.

Like most everyone at AbacusBio, Megan is a born problem solver. One of the things that attracted her to AbacusBio was the balance of vision and pragmatism among her peers. AbacusBio has these in equal measure, helping clients achieve realistic goals, while always embracing ‘big picture’ thinking. Behind the scenes, Megan spearheads a number of marketing initiatives, promoting the many ways AbacusBio can help clients achieve their goals.

For now, Megan has made her home in Edinburgh. Her hobby is having hobbies so you’ll find her dancing salsa poorly, sculpting clay figures only a mother could love, and slowly walking up not-very-high hills. Her love of food means she’s equally happy at a restaurant or street food stall…or even better, experimenting at home on unwitting diners.

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