Peter is a world-class scientist, renowned for his multi-faceted approach to designing and developing effective breeding programs. He has a talent for creating practical innovative solutions that apply to a range of complex issues, whether it be technical, commercial, or political. It is not surprising that his problem-solving capabilities are widely sought around the world.

Peter joined AbacusBio in 2001, having led numerous projects on delivering high-quality statistical, genetic, and economic analysis and strategy to international breeding programs across a wide range of farmed species including sheep, beef, and dairy.

Peter’s career highlights include:

  • Successfully identifying trait priorities and developing cost-effective designs for practical breeding programs
  • Being part of a team including both AbacusBio staff and clients, that successfully deliver new and innovative solutions as part of large complex projects
Projects involved in:
  • New Zealand King Salmon
  • Dairy National Breeding Objectives
  • Genetics advances aquaculture programme
  • Once a Day Milking
  • Genetic Evaluation of Irish Sheep Flock
  • AbacusBio loves Otago Polytechnic
  • Sheep and beef breeding
  • Dairy breeding objectives
  • Improving cow fertility
  • British Texel sheep genetics
  • Role of maternal genetics and genomics in beef breeding
  • Dtreo: The easiest way to build your own genetics database!
  • New selection index for Polish dairy cattle
  • Adding value to bovine genetics