Simone Savoia PhD


Simone Savoia joined AbacusBio in September 2022, bringing his experience in genetic and genomic evaluations of cattle, as well as his enthusiasm for delivering efficient selection tools to a worldwide network of customers.   

Born and raised in Italy, after graduating from the University of Torino (Italy) with his Bachelor’s in “Livestock Science”, Simone was employed by the Italian Piemontese cattle Breeders Association (Anaborapi) as geneticist in 2009.

While in Anaborapi, Simone attained his MSc degree in Livestock Science and Technologies and completed a thesis on genomic selection. In 2019, Simone was awarded a PhD in Animal Science from the University of Padova (Italy), defending a PhD thesis on “Innovative tools for phenotypic characterisation and genetic improvement of meat quality in Piemontese breed.”

Simone moved to Uppsala (Sweden) to join Interbull Centre. Here, Simone was involved in both dairy and beef activities with a special focus on genetic and genomic international evaluations. As R&D Manager he implemented the Applied Research process, resulting in consistent, timely delivery of research results. For 2021 & 2022 Simone was also responsible for the company’s annual operating plans, while also representing Interbull across a number of international projects.  

His focus within AbacusBio is:

– Development and implementation of genetic and genomic evaluations

– Data analysis and inference

Projects involved in:

– Polish dairy cattle evaluation
– New Zealand dairy cattle fertility evaluation