Simone Savoia

Simone Savoia PhD


Simone is part of AbacusBio’s UK team of consultants, with a background in animal breeding and quantitative genetics. Simone brings to AbacusBio his experience in genetic and genomic evaluations of cattle, as well as his enthusiasm for delivering efficient selection tools to a worldwide network of customers. 

Within AbacusBio Simone works mainly on the revision, development, and implementation of genetic and genomic evaluations on different animal species. Additionally, he works on the develop and the revision of selection indexes. Simone supports AbacusBio’s clients by using data analysis, meta-analysis, and inference to facilitate data-driven decision making.  

Before joining AbacusBio in September 2022, Simone lived in Uppsala (Sweden) working at Interbull Centre. There, he was involved in both dairy and beef cattle activities with a special focus on international genetic and genomic evaluations. As R&D Manager Simone implemented the Applied Research process, and he was responsible for the company’s annual operating plan. 

Simone enjoys data visualization, data investigation using statistical methods, and findings interpretation. His focus is the undertaking of statistical data analysis, delivering the results to international customers, and presenting recommendations based on the findings. Simone is a hard worker and a team player, combining loyalty with a strong work ethic. 

Despite being originally from Turin (IT), after almost 4 years in Uppsala (Sweden), Simone is now based in London (UK). Outside of work, he enjoys doing sports (swimming, cycling, and running) and whatever takes him outdoors. The love for animals & nature came early into his life, which is one of the main reasons why Simone decided to start a career in the field of animal breeding and genetics. 

Simone’s focus within AbacusBio is:

  • Development and implementation of genetic and genomic evaluations
  • Data analysis and inference

Projects involved in:

  • Polish dairy cattle evaluation
  • New Zealand dairy cattle fertility evaluation

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