Tim Byrne

Tim Byrne PhD

Managing Director AbacusBio International

Tim has over 15 years of experience as an applied scientist and a consultant. His work mantra is simple: good scientists need to deliver impact, not just solutions. A broad thinker and an in-depth leader, Tim can help you identify investment and technology opportunities and successfully integrate them into businesses to thrive.

He currently heads our Edinburgh office, working closely with our client base in Europe. He joined AbacusBio in 2007, having worked on developing, delivering, and reviewing international agri-technology programs. His strength lies in the economic evaluation of technologies in the red meat and dairy supply chains, especially in data/information programs and genetic improvement technologies in farmed livestock.

Tim’s career highlights include:

  • Spearheading the development and management of AbacusBio International Limited
  • Developing IP (1000Minds area) that has led to significant business opportunities for AbacusBio and value creation for clients
  • Successful selection to the editorial board of the Journal of Dairy Science

Projects involved in:

  • Dairy National Breeding Objectives
  • SIL flock connectedness tool
  • Genetic Evaluation of Irish Sheep Flock
  • Beef genetics
  • Dairy breeding objectives
  • British Texel sheep genetics
  • Role of maternal genetics and genomics in beef breeding
  • Ani-Mate: The easiest method to minimize inbreeding
  • New selection index for Polish dairy cattle

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