Case Study - Rice Trait Priorisaton and Valuation in Tanzania

AbacusBio, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), and the Tanzanian Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) partnered in a project focused on trait prioritization, bioeconomic valuation, and product profile development for rice in Tanzania. The project explored two components:

Index Testing App

In 2020, AbacusBio upgraded one of its most useful shiny apps – the Index Testing App. An Index is a tool used by those managing a breeding program to identify and select plants or animals. Those that score highly for the Index might be selected. Those that score poorly, may not be selected. The app …

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AbacusBio & The University of Edinburgh The University of Edinburgh is home to various research institutes excelling in science, technology, and agriculture. The Roslin Institute are world leaders in animal science research, boasting advanced capabilities in both quantitative and biological genetics. Supporting Evidence Based Interventions (SEBI) is a veterinary science, data science and communications research …

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Sheep in Russia

AbacusBio identified and evaluated supply chains in Southern Russia’s lamb production sector. The analyses enabled mutually beneficial relationships between processors and lamb suppliers, and ensured thorough utilisation of resources.

Road in Ireland

There is a strong relationship between the Irish Cattle Breeding Foundation (ICBF), Sheep Ireland and AbacusBio. The alliance has led to key milestones in the agricultural and breeding industry, strengthening both the position of farmers in New Zealand, and Ireland.

Saudi Arabia Livestock Farming

Saudi Arabia is the heart of the Arab and Islamic worlds, a geographical hub connecting three continents. Farmers in the middle east face the challenge of feeding a growing population, scarce freshwater sources, and constraints in growing forages and feed. The local sheep and goats are well adapted to living in very harsh conditions having …

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Gemnetics SeedEnergy

Established in 2001 seedEnergy engage in production and delivery of genetically improved seeds for plantation forests, internationally. Powered by AbacusBio, Gemnetics has been working alongside clients worldwide to manage breeding data more efficiently, to enhance gains. Gemview, created by Gemnetics is an online cloud-based platform that allows breeders anywhere in the world to utilise multiple …

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Livestock 247

Livestock247 is an online platform bringing together buyers, sellers, farmers and ranchers, merchants and traders, veterinary professional, haulage & logistics companies, and financial service providers in Nigeria. In partnership with Supporting Evidence Based Interventions (SEBI), AbacusBio are involved in the deployment of our cloud based software: Dtreo, for Livestock 247.

British Texel Sheep

The British Texel Sheep Society (BTSS) is a charitable company ltd by guarantee with a range of purposes that include the provision of genetic improvement services to over 2300 breeders. The society collates and supplies resources to manage, measure, and improve the Texel breed in the UK. They have contracted AbacusBio for a variety of …

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Beef Progeny Test

AbacusBio has worked closely with Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics on various projects – with the purpose of assisting farmers in maximising value from genetics.


Food Security AbacusBio in collaboration with The Roslin Institute, Vetline Services and Makerere have developed a state-of-the-art decision support system. This system not only enables real-time monitoring to improve animal performance, genetic selection, and disease management but also links farmer cooperatives, veterinarian extension services, and ultimately the market transforming the industry. It aims to provide …

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Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato – Food Security AbacusBio has been working in collaboration with the International Potato Center (CIP) in Uganda to identify priorities and work on solutions to improve key traits that are important to stakeholders across the sweetpotato supply chai

NextGen Cassava

NextGen Cassava Food Security AbacusBio is working in collaboration with the NextGen Cassava breeding project, led by Cornell University and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), to provide expertise on trait prioritisation.


IRRI rice traits AbacusBio has been working with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) to further propel the rice sector. The collaboration designed participatory methods to identify trait priorities for breeding programmes.

ICBF GHG Enteric Emissions

Breeding for Environmental Traits The Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF), exists to benefit farmers in the Irish dairy and beef industry. A non-profit organisation, it provides breeding information services, and supports the application of science and technology to increase livestock value and profit. ABP Food group are responsible for processing beef and dairy cattle carcasses, …

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Breeding for environmental traits

Breeding for Environmental Traits The National Breeding Objective (NBO) in New Zealand is to breed dairy cows that are able to efficiently convert feed into profit. Breeding Worth (BW) is the index that is used to rank cows and bulls according to their ability to meet this objective. However conventional genetic progress for traits in …

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Industry Review AHDB Beef and Lamb; formerly known as EBLEX, is the organisation for beef and lamb tax payers (levy payers) in England. Aiming to prioritise and enhance profitability and sustainability in the dairy sector, it supports optimisation of supply chains, and adding value to the industry. Investment in genetic improvement of cattle and sheep …

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Pillars programme

AbacusBio consultants worked with DairyNZ, and other research partners as part of the MBIE Pillars of sustainable diary system research program AbacusBio consultants worked with DairyNZ, and other research partners as part of the MBIE Pillars of sustainable diary system research program, to assess how well the fertility breeding value could improve heard reproductive performance. …

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ICBF selection

AbacusBio consultants Dr Peter Amer and Fiona Hely worked with the ICBF to develop an index for dairy farmers to rank beef buffs most likely to convert to dairy The Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF), exists to benefit farmers in the Irish dairy and beef industry. A non profit organisation, it provides breeding information services, …

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Palm oil plantation

By working together with the technical Gemnetics team and matching the operation of the breeding program with the company’s strategic R&D approach and efficiency of production, it allowed NBPOL to answer important questions on performance of the germplasm and quality attributes. All Gemview users can easily screen traits recorded on all breeding trials of the …

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Project Mesha

AbacusBio consultants have been working hard on the ground in rural communities in both developed and developing countries to improve production outcomes.

Product development from data

Product Development from Data AbacusBio’s involvement in the economic analysis of the farm system ensured lamb supply was financially viable at the farm level. AbacusBio assisted with funding applications, which resulted in the collaboration receiving NZ$25M of combined industry and government funding for seven years with estimated potential economic benefits to New Zealand being up …

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Polish dairy index

Polish Dairy Industry Selection Index AbacusBio have recently worked with the Centre for Genetics at the Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers to create an economic selection index. This index was customised specifically for the needs and requirements of Polish Dairy Farmers. The Centre for Genetics provides genetic analysis to optimize breeding of …

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NZ King Salmon

NZKS Aquaculture Genetic Improvement Programmes NZ King Salmon Co. is the worlds major supplier, producing over half of the worlds supply. AbacusBio worked with NZ King Salmon Co. To successfully launch a new web application that transforms data systems and aquaculture management to a whole new level, as part of the companies breeding programme.

JBS swift picture

Supply Chain Optimisation AbacusBio has worked with JBS Swift for 15 years and continues to provide ongoing mining and analysis of JBS Swift’s data to provide an understanding of the performance of cattle from individual vendors and enable control over inventory. JBS Swift can make better purchasing decisions, predict the future performance of cattle currently …

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Green milk project

Green Milk Project AbacusBio have been part of a joint industry working group to look at genetic mitigation strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from dairy cows. The working group aimed to steer New Zealand’s dairy industry towards a reduction in overall industry greenhouse gas emissions without compromising product value.

Genetic improvement solutions photo

Genetic Improvement Solutions DataGene is an independent and industryowned national organisation responsible for driving genetic gain and herd improvement in the Australian dairy industry. They manage a highly-developed infrastructure and system for recording and evaluating the performance of farmed dairy livestock, which combines the application of biological science, information technology, advanced statistical methods, and economic …

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Genetic Impact Assessment

Genetic Impact Assessment Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), the Australian Government, and others in the MLA animal genetics & genomics RD&E ‘program’ make investments in genetic and genomic technology to improve productive traits in livestock (meat and wool sheep, and beef). Meat and Livestock Australia needed to understand the return generated from their investment over …

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AbacusBio's web-based app helps deer farmers to set & monitor the liveweights of replacement hinds

This app supported deer farmers to set and monitor the liveweights of replacement hinds with the objective of improving R2 hind fertility Low reproduction rates in poorly grown rising 2 year old (R2) hinds are a lost opportunity for farmers, hence the app has been designed to maximise reproduction rates.

AbacusBio brings AniCloud breeding software into Ethiopia & Tanzania

AbacusBio consultants have been working to expand the existing community based breeding programme (CBBP) for small ruminants in Africa. The CBBP project aims to improve livelihoods of small holding sheep and goat farmers by implementing sustainable breeding schemes. One of the biggest challenges for the small ruminant industries in Ethiopia and Tanzania is low productivity …

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agri-tech impact assessment

Several industry organisations from different countries, working together, needed to evaluate and quantify the impact of new technologies, for investment decision making. The client also wanted to understand how the benefits of these new technologies would be distributed across the supply chain. AbacusBio partnered with these organistions and modelled the impact each technology was likely …

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Case Study American Angus

American Angus Trait Prioritisation and Breeding Objectives AbacusBio have recently collaborated with Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) – a division of the American Angus Association (AAA) to develop and update their index system which was created in 2004. The index combines economic production values and trait genetic relationships to describe cattle genetics in terms of their …

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AbacusBio brings AniCloud breeding software into Ethiopia & Tanzania

AbacusBio consultants are working on a project to establish Dtreo as a technology platform to support breeding programmes in Africa. The project is part of an initiative to expand the existing Community-Based Breeding Program (CBBP) for small ruminants in Africa.The CBBP project aims to improve livelihoods of small-holding sheep and goat farmers by implementing sustainable …

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Canterbury Cows

AbacusBio is working with Canadian company, Semex to explore the potential costs and benefits of developing phenotype resources. Founded in 1974, Semex is a global company dedicated to innovative solutions and services for growing the bovine genetic industry. AbacusBio consultants Peter Amer and Fiona Hely are part of the team with Michael Lohuis, the Vice-President …

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Harvesting wheat crop

AbacusBio consultant Hadyn Craig has been leading a project to develop international opportunities for the UK Agri-Tech Innovation Centres. The project involves connecting with academic and commercial organisations, to explore areas where UK AgTech can provide solutions that increase food production efficiency and farm profitability. The Innovation Centres were established after the British government initiated …

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New Zealand Bee Keeping Industry

The New Zealand beekeeping industry is unique in the world, thriving while others are struggling with honeybee health issues, climate change and pesticide residues. AbacusBio is part of Futurebees NZ, a five-year research programme with the University of Otago to “Develop and applying next generation genomic selection to rapidly improve honeybee performance”. Building on the …

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Penned sheep for inspection

How do you monitor inbreeding on farm? How do you measure the genetic gain in your livestock? How do you decide which animals go into each mating group? If your current process requires multiple spreadsheets, trawling over pedigree trees, and many hours, then you are doing it the hard way! Let our skilled geneticists and …

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AbacusBio's web-based app helps deer farmers to set & monitor the liveweights of replacement hinds

Low reproduction rates in poorly-grown rising 2-year-old (R2) hinds are a lost opportunity for deer farmers. The P2P app is designed to support farmers to take better control of deer growth and maximise reproduction rates. The web-based tool was created by AbacusBio science consultants Jason Archer and Nicola Dennis, and IT consultant Mark Teviotdale and …

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Hemp seed production

Not to be confused with its cousin marijuana, which contains high levels of a chemical called THC, hemp is non-psychoactive and smoking bags of it will not get you high! Until recently, producers were legally only allowed to sell hemp seed oil, most of which are produced in the Canterbury and Hawkes Bay regions. There …

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