Adding value to bovine genetics

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People involved in this project

AbacusBio is working with Canadian company, Semex to explore the potential costs and benefits of developing phenotype resources.

Founded in 1974, Semex is a global company dedicated to innovative solutions and services for growing the bovine genetic industry.

AbacusBio consultants Peter Amer and Fiona Hely are part of the team with Michael Lohuis, the Vice-President of Research and Innovation, and research geneticist Francesca Malchiodi, both of Semex.

Phenotypic resources could be used to increase genetic gain in novel traits, Peter says, which contributes to faster genetic gain and more competitive bulls for the North American market.

A model framework will be developed to estimate the potential accuracy of predicting a novel phenotype, and predict the overall economic gain from an increased accuracy.

A cost-benefit analysis will then be done, including a sensitivity analysis around key assumptions used in the estimates of the value of additional genetic gain and costs.

“From the analysis, we are also interested in applying these estimates in genetic gain in the key North American overall profit indexes with investment in an ongoing resource training population,” Francesca says.

“In a rapidly changing bovine industry worldwide, this project plays a pivotal role in the on-going development of programmes and solutions for our clients worldwide,” Michael adds.

Semex has six semen production facilities on four continents with its headquarters in Guelph, Ontario.